Do You Need Conditioner for Short Hair?

Conditioner is one of the important steps in maintaining your hair healthy and beautiful. This is working by coating your hair’s cuticle in a protective layer to prevent damage from heat, pollution, or other external factors.

This coating is making your hair appear shinier and thicker. Hair conditioner is necessary for short hair, leaving them moisturized, nourished, and smooth.

Too much conditioner weighs your hair down or alters hair’s natural texture. But skimping on conditioner is meaning you don’t get all the hydration and protection.

How Many conditioners should I be using?

You are using a conditioner every time you wash your hair. If you have extremely frizzy, dry, or damaged hair, leave-in conditioners or deep treatments can be added to your routine as well.

How much conditioner you are using depends on the length of your hair and your hair type. If you are washing your hair and it still feels unclean or heavy, you should reconsider how much conditioner you are using.

Condition According To Your Hair Length

Your hair before applying conditioner to secure the product sticks to your hair strands. This will help you accurately feel how much product you should be using.

If you are applying conditioner to sopping wet hair, it will just rinse off, and you will need more products. There are some general rules of thumb:

If you are having short haircuts for fat faces, you should be using a dab of conditioner about the size of one blueberry.

If you are having shoulder-length hair, you should be using two blueberries worth.

If you are having long hair, you can use the equivalent of three blueberries.

But, this is only a guide. If you feel that not every strand has been covered you can use more.

If you have the excess product they can be useless. Comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb.

Condition According to Your Hair Type

You are using less conditioner and focusing on the ends of your hair. If you are having thick or curly hair, you might want to use more conditioner to make sure every strand is properly penetrated.

Conditioner for short hair

It is very important to use the correct conditioner for your hair type. You shouldn’t be coating your color-treated hair in more conditioner just because it is damaged. It is much more beneficial to use deep treatments in your routine instead.

Are you having thin or fine hair? You are tempted to use a tiny amount of conditioner or skip it altogether. Instead, switch to a lighter or volatizing conditioner and use the right amount.

You are using the correct amount of conditioner that is a key to enjoying the benefits of the product and reducing the risk of over-conditioned or dry and damaged hair. It is important to see what your hair reacts best to.

This is involving trial and error, but within a few days, you will know exactly how much conditioner to use and how often.